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Don't Call It A Comeback...

In order to be a writer you must first learn to write what hurts: discover a way to eloquently illustrate your pain on a piece of paper, make a beautiful mosaic out of a broken heart, and formulate words from fragments of melancholic thoughts.

In order to be a writer you must have the courage to dive head first into despair: explore and expose the darkest parts of your soul.

Becoming a writer is not for the faint of heart: strength is required to descend into such depths but not drown, to submerge yourself into suffering but not succumb to its savagery.

As you start the journey to becoming a writer, you will learn to use your words as a vessel for vulnerability, and you will discover the power that comes from presenting your bare soul to the world. For words produced by wounds welcome healing, and poems inspired by pain cultivate perseverance.

So here I am. After months of avoiding the blank pages of my notebook, I have decided to acknowledge any affliction that has been masked by apathy, and comprehend the complexity of my emotions. Would you like to start this journey with me? I have a funny feeling that healing is only a few blog posts away.

Learning, Evolving, and Unashamed

- Callie Smith

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